Priory Patch Project
September 29, 2020
Getting the building and especially the workshop up and running has taken more time and energy than I would have ever expected. Also because of social distancing and various other restrictions, it’s making it even harder. As a team, we decided to postpone the workshop until further notice. The more I thought about trying to do inductions with new people and safely showing them how to use very dangerous tools at a social distance the more of a headache It caused, so in the end, we decided to put it on the back burner. Instead, we are going to launch a new outdoor project called Prior Patch.

Priory patch is another project from Lighthouse Community Church which will have strong links to Sheringham Shed. It will be a community garden/farm in which we will be able to grow fruit and veg and keep some animals. We are renting a small piece of land on Cookies field in Beeston (the place where Rustles circus goes normally in the Easter holidays and where there is a car boot every Sunday Morning.
The piece of land we are renting will take some clearing as brambles have definitely taken over but nothing a few volunteers and the team from Sheringham Shed can’t handle, I dare say we might even enjoy ourselves whilst achieving social connection with people which is at the heart of the project. As I sit and write this now we are just a couple of days away from beginning. We start on Wednesday the 30th of September and we will be there every Wednesday for the forcible future rain or shine. Well unless its absolutely terrible and then if I’m honest I will probably be staying at home in my slippers drinking coffee.
If you are interested in being part of this exciting new project then contact Sheringham Shed via the email and we can give you more info about where it is and the times. If you haven’t yet seen this video of Priory Patch then give it a watch and hopefully, it will give you more of an idea of what you will be getting into.


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From the video above, you can see there will be a range of workshops and social activities on offer, which we will be organising as restrictions continue to lift, so stay connected.

More info coming soon.


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