Hello From the Team
June 1, 2020

Hello everyone.

Thank you for all those who have helped in a wide variety of ways, in the many many months since we started the project. Also thank you to everyone for their patience with this project. It doesn’t escape us that its very frustrating to be delayed yet once again from opening.

We would have loved for the building to have been open at this point and from conversations with many people, we are very confident it would have been pretty busy right from the word go. We would have loved to see many people using the facility and finding help. Like pretty much everywhere else we have had to shut the building due to the current pandemic.

However rest assured the team is working very hard behind the scenes to get everything ready so that as soon as the restrictions are lifted we can start helping people.

We are currently working on a couple of things that we believe will help people straight away.

One is this website. On this platform we can keep people a lot more up to date with progress. Also we can share helpful information that people can practice in the safety of their homes.

Second. We will hopefully be launching a virtual coffee morning chats on Zoom. A place where people can talk in small groups. This will help people who either living on their own so have very limited contact at this stage, people who struggle to talk to those who are living In the same house or for people who just want another ear to talk too.  More details to follow.

Thanks again for your patience.

The Shed team


Get Involved 

From the video above, you can see there will be a range of workshops and social activities on offer, which we will be organising as restrictions continue to lift, so stay connected.

More info coming soon.


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