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a place for men and women to find community through activity, whether that’s in the workshop, doing arts and crafts, a computer class or by simply coming to one of our coffee mornings for a chat

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10 Wyndham Street, Sheringham, NR26 8JP


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From the video above, you can see there will be a range of workshops and social activities on offer, which we will be organising as restrictions continue to lift, so stay connected.

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Priory Patch Project

Priory Patch Project

Getting the building and especially the workshop up and running has taken more time and energy than I would have ever expected. Also because of social distancing and various other restrictions, it’s making it even harder. As a team, we decided to postpone the workshop...

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Hello  From the Team

Hello From the Team

Hello everyone. Thank you for all those who have helped in a wide variety of ways, in the many many months since we started the project. Also thank you to everyone for their patience with this project. It doesn’t escape us that its very frustrating to be delayed yet...

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Sheringham, NR26 8JP

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